Online Coaching

6 WEEK You Are Here


  • 1 Hour Digital Sessions
  • Free PDF of our new book
  • Each week to cover a Chapter/Or Topic from Book (thus to be created for a 4-Week Web series to be offered)
  • Offer Free digital copy of book for emails

You Are Here: A 6-week program to uncovering your true identity, pursuing greatness & building a life you love

Do you have a dream inside you waiting to be released?

Do you struggle to find the drive, momentum or time to make it a reality?

Let today be the first step towards chasing down your God-inspired dream so you can begin building the life you were created for. Time to lay down what’s been holding you back and forge a new path towards greatness.

We want every person to believe they were made for more. You were made to create, thrive and life a life of fullness. We want you to know this life is not available to the select few. You have access too!

The You Are Here program is designed to start where you are so you can begin removing the blocks keeping you stuck. There is a dream inside of you waiting to be discovered and we are here to help you put hands and feet to your vision and make it a reality.

This is a live, interactive, experiential weekly course that will be running again in October 2021.

Spots are Limited. Register today so you can be the first in line when the doors open