Removing Obstacles

Are you sitting here right now feeling unfulfilled and so far from the person you once thought you were? There are a multitude of reasons and life circumstances that can derail or block you from seeing beyond the horizon to the abundance of life that’s just around the corner.

When you become trapped in a situation or even a way of thinking it can cause you to be unable to see another way, move or change. This usually leads to repeating the same situation or thought-process, over and over again. Generally, when we are stuck, it’s because we are deeply attached to a story that may no longer be serving your current moment. Being stuck or spinning in the same confined space is often an indicator that your connection is faulty. One of the main culprits keeping you here are your limiting beliefs because they carry the power to interrupt your connection and alter your course. When this happens you can begin to lose sight of what brings meaning and fulfilment into your life.

Self-limiting beliefs are assumptions or perceptions you have about yourself and how the world works. These assumptions are “self-limiting” because, in some way, they’re holding you back from what you’re capable of achieving.

Andrew Blackman

Identifying, facing and re-framing your limiting beliefs is the first step to unblocking the path that will lead to a more fruitful life. This requires intentional effort and perseverance. Here at LifeImpact Coaching we are dedicated to helping you uproot the lies that are keeping you from pursuing your dream or goals.

Feeling stuck can show up in many different ways:

“I’m so bored.”

“Maybe this is as good as it’s going to get”.

“I have no idea how I got to this point in my life and nothing I do seems to change it.”

What’s your stuck place?

  • Living in your comfort zone on autopilot
  • Unable to envision the future
  • Lack of a plan and motivation
  • So busy you don’t have time to think beyond what’s in front of you
  • Poor decision making
  • Bad habits
  • Lots of self-doubt