The Book

You Are Here

You Are Here.

Do you have a dream inside you waiting to be released?

Do you struggle to find the drive, momentum or time to make it a reality?

Let today be the first step towards chasing down your God-inspired dream so you can begin building the life you were created for. Time to lay down what’s been holding you back and forge a new path towards greatness.

We want every person to believe they were made for more. You were made to create, thrive and life a life of fullness. We want you to know this life is not available to the select few. You have access too.

To the Readers…

Here’s how You Are Here can help you move out of being stuck towards your dreams and purpose to building the life you love! If you are reading this now…that means something very important! It means you are searching! It means that small still voice is calling you to more! Say yes to this journey, stay with it and it can change your life!

You Are Here is divided into three major parts.

Part 1 is titled “How Did I Get Here?” and was designed to help you identify any blocks, beliefs or bad habits you may have picked up along the way that have detoured you from fulfilling your dreams and passions.  In the You Are Here process we will help you dig deep to discover how you really view yourself with all of the beliefs (true and untrue) attached to it.  Then you get to decide how you want to view yourself moving towards building the life you love.  Out with the old and making space for something new and beautiful to take root.

Part 2 is you daring to believe now that there is something more for you!  Maybe in the past this is where things got sticky.  Having a dream or set of goals for your life is great and yet sometimes we don’t know how to work towards them and end up falling short.  Here you will zero in on finding your strongest “why do I want to do this” and this will be what brings you motivation every day.  Next you can learn some necessary processes to build confidence and start stepping into a life you love.

Part 3 is a toolbox we have filled for you to learn about and begin designing your days with intention and purpose to reach your goals. We know from personal experience that creating healthy and purposeful habits are the proven track record to feeling good about yourself, inspiring you to keep going and experiencing new passion and energy.  This is when you know you really are heading in the right direction!!

Each chapter is a piece or part of your life.  These are not small things to conquer; they are threads in the tapestry of your life.  As you read through you will begin to see a clearer picture of who you are now as well as a clearer view of who you were created to be.

This is where a new journey begins for you.